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Sonifex Unveils Multi-Channel Dante I/Os

Three interfaces will debut next week at AES.

Northants, UK (October 10, 2019)—At next week’s AES Convention in New York City, Sonifex will present its new Multi-Channel Dante Audio Interface—the AVN-AI04, AVN-AI08 and the AVN-AO16.

Sonifex Announces AVN-DIO Dante Audio Interfaces

The AVN-AI04 and AVN-AI08 provide four and eight respectively balanced analog inputs and outputs to and from the Dante network. The AVN-AO16 audio converter and interface creates up to 16 analog outputs from the Dante Audio-over-IP networking standard.

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Intended to be simple to configure and operate, the rack-mount products sport a 1U form factor, use Neutrik XLR connectors, are Dante Domain Manager compliant, AES67 compliant and use PoE for power.

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