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Sound Devices Bows New MixPre M-Series Units

Sound Devices builds out MixPre M Series with new additions.

Reedsburg, WI (June 14, 2018)—Sound Devices has launched its new portable MixPre-3M and MixPre-6M multitrack audio recorders, each with a built-in USB audio interface, that record up to 12 tracks at up to 96 kHz/24-bit resolution.

The MixPre-3M and MixPre-6M are the newest members of the company’s MixPre M-Series for music creators and performers. The M-Series models feature Sound Devices’ Kashmir mic preamps and low-noise A-to-D architecture. The M-Series can stream multiple channels of audio via USB to a computer.

The MixPre-3M records up to three tracks at once and features three Kashmir mic preamps with analog limiters. The USB audio interface supports five inputs and two outputs.

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The MixPre-6M records up to six tracks at once and includes four Kashmir mic preamps with analog limiters and features an 8-in/4-out USB audio interface.

Built-in reverb and vocal air effects can be used to add character to the sound of instruments and vocals, while the bounce feature can be used to free up tracks to allow the layering of more instruments or for rendering in effects.

After laying and overdubbing tracks, musicians can mix their song using dedicated knobs to control levels, pans, solos and mutes. Recordings may be rendered for uploading, sharing or exporting to a DAW for further production.

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Connections are via the XLR/TRS inputs or the Aux In connector. A digital patchbay enables any of the physical inputs, including USB, to be routed to any track. The built-in metronome can also be selected as an input and recorded to a discrete track.

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