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Soundtrap for Storytellers Offers Podcast Tools

The cloud-based service aims to be a one-stop shop for collaborative podcast creation.

New York, NY (May 15, 2019)—Barely 18 months after Spotify acquired online music collaboration software developer Soundtrap, the company has launched Soundtrap for Storytellers, a cloud-based one-stop shop for collaborative podcast creation.

Soundtrap for Storytellers, available worldwide, bundles a long list of podcast creation features into the same service, including recording; remote multi-track interviewing with video chat; smart transcribing and editing of the spoken-word audio file as a text document; full audio production capabilities; the publishing of its transcript to optimize SEO,;and the publishing of the podcast to Spotify.

Per Emanuelsson, co-founder of Soundtrap, which, like Spotify, is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, comments, “The platform itself was built around solving some of the biggest pain points for podcasters — editing, transcribing, remote interviewing and adding sound effects — and providing one, streamlined platform that contains every part of the podcast creation process.”

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A full suite of services can be accessed via desktop, and a select set of recording and editing features is available on iOS and Android.

Soundtrap for Storytellers renables users to transcribe and edit the spoken-word audio file in the same manner as a text document, eliminating the need to repeatedly listen to the podcast. For now, transcription is only available in English.

The cloud-based platform enables podcasters to collaborate with others from anywhere around the world by allowing multiple people to talk, record — on separate tracks —and work on the same podcast by sending a link to join the session remotely.

Soundtrap for Storytellers pushes out the podcast transcript to increase SEO and help drive traffic to any podcast.

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Similarly to some other podcast software, the platform enables users to create jingles and add sound design using Soundtrap’s built-in instruments and loops, providing access to a sound library.”

Soundtrap for Storytellers is available at the company’s website.

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