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SSL Adds C10 Features

SSL has debuted new V4 software for its C10 HD, introducing the upgrade at IBC 2013 in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam, Netherlands (September 16, 2013)—SSL has debuted new V4 software for its C10 HD, introducing the upgrade at IBC 2013 in Amsterdam.

Highlights of the V4 upgrade include Function Key Macros, a feature which reduces the number of physical actions required to achieve specific tasks by allowing multiple two state console switching functions to be grouped as a Macro and then actioned via soft keys, GPIs and fader functions.

Another feature is HyperRoute; the C10 routing system allows operators to use a source and destination group-based approach with operation from the control surface, rather than a separate computer. HyperRoute introduces an additional destination-based routing structure, which allows display of destination source assignments without having to re-navigate through the source>destination path.

The console’s new Assignable Delay Modules are expected to make integrating a range of external sources into live-to-air feeds quicker. A total of 32 of the 64 available delays can now be routed anywhere, including Aux and Monitor inserts, or external I/O destinations that pick up internal or external sources as inputs.

A new Control Surface Screen Saver extends the operational life of the console control surface by switching off all of the OLED displays and screens when not in use.

A new Automix Overide function provides an option to automatically close the pre fader feed to the Dialogue Automix system when the participant’s channel fader is closed.

The maximum channel count available for C10 has been increased to 160 channels. The V4 upgrade also introduces optional new Wide Range 2 Band Filters, which add high and low pass filters to the channel signal path, expanding the channel EQ to become a full six-band parametric.

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