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SSL Bows Live-Recorder System

Solid State Logic has introduced its Live-Recorder system.

Oxford, U.K. (April 16, 2012)—Solid State Logic has introduced its Live-Recorder system.

The system reportedly provides a solution for live, location or broadcast recording. Live-Recorder is targeted for live music recording from FOH console systems, location film sound recording, TV broadcast production studios and broadcast production trucks.

The system connects via standard optical MADI, so it can connect directly to MADI-equipped digital mixing consoles, venue audio distribution infrastructure (Riedel, Optocore, etc.) or broadcast routers. Each Live-Recorder system can record up to 128 channels @ 24-bit/48 kHz or 64 channels @ 24-bit/96 kHz.

Live-Recorder combines Soundscape V6.2 DAW recorder/player software and a MadiXtreme or MX4 PCIe audio interface with a 1U rackmounting PC. The Soundscape 6.2 software is an audio-only multitrack DAW recorder/player. Soundscape V6.2 has SSL’s “Pro-Convert” technology built in, so it can export recorded multitrack sessions in a range of formats native to a selection of DAW packages for editing and mixing.

There are two different Live-Recorder hardware configurations available: Live-Recorder MX4 is an up-to-128-channel recorder utilizing an SSL MX4 2×64 channel MADI I/O interface. It provides an open-architecture, DSP-powered software mixer, which reportedly allows anything from simple individual track or stereo sum monitoring to multi-feed and 5.1 monitoring. Specifying a Live-Recorder MX4 with an SSL Alpha-Link audio converter provides local headphone, analog I/O and digital I/O connectivity.

Live Recorder 128 is a stripped-down system designed for environments where no confidence monitoring is required. It utilizes an SSL MadiXtreme 2- x 64-channel MADI I/O interface for direct optical MADI connection to consoles, routers, etc.

Solid State Logic