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SSL Unveils L350 and L550 Consoles

At NAMM, SSL unveiled its new flagship live consoles, as well as kits to upgrade existing desks.

Anaheim, CA (January 30, 2019)—Solid State Logic has released its new SSL Live L350 and L550 consoles, with the latter becoming the flagship of its console range.

The L350 and L550 replace the L300 and L500 Plus in the current SSL Live console range and are showfile compatible with all other SSL Live consoles. The L550 features a total of 288 processing paths, 36 Matrix outputs and 48 VCAs, assignable to any of the 36 + 2 faders on the control surface. Meanwhile, the L350 features a total of 216 processing paths, 36 Matrix outputs and 36 VCAs in a 24 + 2 fader frame.

Seen on the Scene: 2019 NAMM Show, Days 2 & 3

Both consoles can be augmented with USB Remote Fader Tiles or be connected to remotely from another console, a laptop running SOLSA remote control software or tablet running the TaCo control app for a truly flexible and expandable work surface.

All existing SSL MADI and Net I/O Dante stageboxes can be deployed with them, and upgrade kits are also available to existing L300 and L500 Plus owners who want to upgrade their consoles.

In keeping with the new desks, a new version of software will also be available to support all new hardware, along with accelerated Channel View screen responsiveness, expanded remote control options, improvement to the Automix effect and a collection of I/O setup and workflow features.