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SSL Launches Origin Analog Inline Console

New analogue desk intended to integrate into modern DAW-driven studios expected to ship in 2020.

Oxford, England (October 21, 2019)—At AES New York 2019, Solid State Logic introduced the company’s first fully analog inline console for decades, Origin, which combines 16 buses, E Series EQ and the classic Bus Compressor with features and functionality for today’s hybrid workflows.

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According to a company statement, “The traditional design looks back to the ‘origin’ of inline consoles for signal flow inspiration, but blends cutting edge analogue developments to deliver a unique sonic signature that is still unmistakably SSL.” The console will begin shipping in 2020.

The new PureDrive mic pre is said to inherit the sound of previous SSL Mic Pre designs, that can also switch character to a warm, harmonically rich tone that varies with mic pre gain. Origin’s new mix bus and mix amp architecture reportedly delivers a low noise floor along with appropriate headroom for a summing bus, according to the manufacturer. Balanced insert points per channel path, dedicated channel direct outputs, stem-ready 0 dB fader bypass switches and a new configurable center section enable integration into a modern production studio.

“This really is the culmination of everything we have put into analog console design over the past four decades,” said Niall Feldman, SSL director of new products. “Origin is the studio console we would have created then, for the way we work today.”

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“Music production is core to our origin at Solid State Logic,” added Nigel Beaumont, SSL managing director, “and it’s important we utilize this unique heritage to continue defining new products that are more accessible to the growing studio market. It allows us to deliver next generation consoles such as Origin, with the right features, at the right price point, and of course, with that unmistakable SSL sound.”

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