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SSL Launches System T

Solid State Logic launched its new Dante-based System T at IBC 2015.

Oxford, U.K. (September 15, 2015)—Solid State Logic launched its new Dante-based System T at IBC 2015.

Designed to handle large-scale productions in a multi-platform-delivery-driven atmosphere, System T is a new fully networked broadcast audio production environment. A range of hardware and software control interfaces can be placed anywhere on a network with up to three consoles or control interfaces accessing a single or fully mirrored redundant pair of processor cores. Multiple processor cores can be used on a single network. Control interfaces and processing resource can be re-configured to suit daily requirements.

Routing and I/O is Dante-based with System T, featuring the first consoles to use the new high capacity Dante HC connectivity. SSL’s newly expanded Network I/O range puts stageboxes and interfaces wherever they are required in a facility.

The Tempest processor core is the heart of the System T mix engine and provides real-time, 64-bit CPU-based, floating point mixing and processing. Tempest is the foundation of an advanced broadcast architecture that is built for purpose. Each processor core can handle up to 3,072 inputs and outputs and provides 800 fully processed, fully configurable mix paths, 192 mix busses, 800 EQs, 800 dynamics, and 400 delays.

Multiple Tempest cores can be connected anywhere on the network (including separate fire zones if required) and used as mirrored redundant pairs or as additional processing resources that can be allocated around the network to any System T control devices. Paths, processing, and routing can be dynamically allocated in real time without interrupting audio.

Solid State Logic