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SSL Reveals Remote Tile Live Desk Extender and V4.7 Software

SSL Live desks get new Remote Tile for expansion, while software update offers new features.

Oxford, England (June 13, 2018)—Solid State Logic has expanded its Live console range with the launch of the new Remote Tile hardware, and V4.7 software.

The SSL Remote Tile offers users an extra 12 faders to use with any SSL Live console, or with a PC running the SSL SOLSA control and configuration application. Like the actual SSL Live consoles, the Remote Tile sports touch-sensitive 100 mm motorized faders

Additionally, it offers solo/mute, Query and Select buttons, quick controls, individual channel LCD displays, and a complete set of tile navigation buttons. Up to two Remote Tiles (24 faders total) can be connected to any SSL Live console or SOLSA PC via USB.

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Meanwhile, the newly updated V4.7 software for SSL Live extends primary control with external (SSL supplied) Touch Screen support. Engineers can now have direct touchscreen control of their Overview and Automation screens without having to switch focus on the console’s internal touch screen.

Additionally, the software augments TaCo – the SSL Live Tablet Control system for Apple and Android tablets. The TaCo app’s Engineer Mode now provides parameter control of all path processing (EQ, dynamics, panning, delay, all-pass filter), and all FX in the console’s internal FX rack. This new capability facilitates the use of TaCo as a control interface for L100 and L200 live consoles, for PA tuning and for artist personal monitoring and engineer on stage monitor applications.

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SSL’s Live console Super-Q technology has also been updated in V4.7—users can now query paths directly from the touchscreen, temporarily replace the Focus Fader with the queried path, and assign a single user key as a universal ‘Clear Query’ button.

A new Transfer Function Analyzer tool can be deployed anywhere in the Live console’s internal FX rack., and a new Auto Pan automated panning effects unit has been added as well.

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