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SSL Unveils System T S300 Console

At IBC, Solid State Logic announced System T – S300, a new compact broadcast console intended for broadcast installations and OB vehicles.

Amsterdam, Netherlands (September 1, 2017)—At IBC, Solid State Logic announced System T – S300, a new compact broadcast console intended for broadcast installations and OB vehicles. 

The new S300 is a fixed-layout compact control surface that can be combined with System T network objects, including consoles, remote tiles, touchscreen interfaces, Tempest Processing Engines, remote PC software and Network I/O. It can be specified as part of a larger System T installation or in stand-alone configurations for smaller broadcast facilities or OB vehicles.

S300 comes in 2 versions: 16+1 faders and 32+1 faders. S300 can connect to either a Tempest T25 (256 paths @ 48kHz) or a T80 (800 paths @ 48kHz) Processor Engine and runs the same software as the larger S500 surface and TCR (Tempest Control Rack).

Said to be the first dedicated live-to-air broadcast audio production system to be entirely IP based. System T uses AoIP as its core—Tempest Processing Engines include direct AoIP interfaces, allowing use of commercial off-the-shelf switching infrastructure. AoIP connections for Tempest Engines and all Network I/O devices are capable of Dante, AES67 and SMPTE 2110-30 using the same hardware.

System T S300 includes a fully integrated Dante control API, providing arbitrated audio and control resource sharing for SSL’s Network I/O range across SSL’s Tempest platform based consoles; S500, S300, TCR and SSL Live (L500 Plus, L300 and L200). With the availability of over 1,000 Dante devices, from upwards of 350 manufacturers, System T control surfaces are a direct routing controller to extremely large, multi-manufacturer based AoIP routing systems. No additional software or hardware is required and routing control is directly from the console GUI or software instances of the console control software (T-SOLSA) running on standard PCs remotely connected to the main surface. System T’s underlying software and network infrastructure provide a standard-agnostic platform that can be updated to include emerging broadcast and media IP standards as they are ratified and complement broadcasters’ workflows.

S300, S500 and TCR can be controlled by Production Automation packages (Ross Overdrive, GV Ignite, Sony ELC or Vizrt Mosart). System T’s fully programmable Events Manager feature provides customisable GPIO and macro programming; events programming can be trailered to suit each production and managed directly from the console GUI.

Solid State Logic