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× Launches Design 7 has launched Stardraw Design 7.

London, U.K. (December 6, 2011)— has launched Stardraw Design 7.

The system design/documentation tool is available for download on the company’s website. The move follows the initial unveiling of the software at InfoComm 2011 in June, which marked the debut of a public beta phase.

The application is’s seventh-generation software solution for systems integrators. According to the company, Design 7 offers audio and video system designers/installers “unparalleled speed, ease of use and task-orientated functionality in a modular package which will enable integrators to custom configure the software to suit their particular requirements and budget.”

Using an entirely new codebase, Stardraw Design 7 generates a project- and product-centric database, which is accessible via task-oriented drawing environments such as “Block Schematics” and “Rack Layouts” as well as a new, grid-based “Products” overview and integrated “Reporting” interface. Each “view” is a representation of the central project database, and a change in one view ripples through to all of the others. A multi-tab interface means that all drawings are accessible at the same time, with each drawing on its own tab, while the Project Dashboard gives users a master view of the whole project.

The new Symbols Palette feature shows products in the user’s project that are not being used in the current drawing, which helps keep track of the project and aims to ensure that the user hasn’t overlooked anything when building racks or documenting system interconnections.

Other new features include compatibility with the latest versions of AutoCAD (R12-2010) and Visio as well as a built-in PDF-generator. There is also a new User-Defined Product wizard, which is said to allow users to create their own custom product records with all associated symbols and data.

“We’re very proud of Stardraw Design 7 because it is without doubt our most powerful and streamlined off-the-shelf design/documentation package yet,” commented CEO, David Snipp. “The codebase, although new to the product family, isn’t new to us. It’s in use by over 30,000 users of our OEM applications, which means we’ve been able to implement some very sophisticated embellishments to a rock-solid and proven core. The feedback from the beta test community and those now using the release version has been very gratifying.”