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Steinberg Releases Nuendo Live 2

The latest edition of Nuendo Live offers new and updated features, Yamaha CL/QL console integration and more.

Hamburg, Germany (September 12 2018)—Steinberg has released Nuendo Live 2, the latest edition of its multitrack live recording system, sporting new and updated features, Yamaha CL/QL console integration and more.

The Meter View is one of the latest additions to Nuendo Live, allowing users to oversee all the recording session’s levels over the entire display, showing 32, 64, 96, 128 or 160 meters at once.

The Track View feature has been enhanced to display the meter bridge on the bottom of the screen, with up to 64 tracks. When more channels are required, the meter or track count is divided into banks that can be accessed by mouse click or key command.

Yamaha CL/QL console integration allows engineers to control the software directly from the mixer’s touchscreen, including transport controls, channel name copy and marker set. The software itself offers 32-bit floating-point processing and up to 192 kHz resolution.

DAWs Broaden Reach, Deepen Feature Sets

Nuendo Live 2 offers Advanced Session Management with auto-naming of recorded files, multiple folder creation, marker track, auto-save and notepad, and it can handle

24+ hours recording time using the EBU-compliant RIFF 64 broadcast wave format in standard recording mode

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Nuendo Live 2 is priced at $199.99; users updating from the original version can do so for $39.99. Customers who have purchased a download version of Nuendo Live since August 15, 2018, are eligible for a free update to the latest version.

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