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Review: Eventide MixingLink

MixingLink ($299 street) is a clever little (4.8” x 3.95” x 2.15”) creative audio production tool in the form of a stompbox. It features a high-quality microphone preamp with phantom power and 65 dB of gain plus an effects loop, headphone output, and various signal combination parameters. As such, MixingLink offers many potential uses in the studio and on stage: flexible routing, mixing/signal combining, re-amping, headphone monitoring, etc.

Between its top panel’s three knobs, two switches and footswitch, users may set preamp/line level input gain, mix input with dry instrument and effects return signals, and set output levels to an eighth-inch stereo “phones” jack, balanced XLR DI/line out, and unbalanced quarter-inch mono “to amp” jack. Via its Aux eighth-inch jack, a four-conductor TRRS cable can even provide I/O with mobile devices, which allows, for example, microphone, two instrument input and stereo playback sub-mix capabilities.

An accomplished guitarist that I regularly record and collaborate with took the MixingLink home for a spin. He paired it with a distortion stomp box to create an electric guitar practice amp, delay and reverb stomp boxes for acoustic guitar live performance, personal IEM amp for his BGVs, etc. “It fits into my flow as a great starting point,” he explained. “Last gig I just took my guitars and pedal board … I can even mix just myself—vocal, guitars, looper, monitor. It’s nice to just hand the other end of an XLR cable to the sound man, and he has everything he needs from me the way I want it. I can’t wait to play with it in the studio.”

Visit for a plethora of ways to employ the MixingLink. I predict it’ll become a real workhorse for many audio types, perhaps even you.

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