Dante-Based User Station to bow at NAB.

Las Vegas, NV (March 19, 2019)—At NAB, Studio Technologies will introduce the Model 348 Intercom Station, which offers eight talk-and-listen audio channels that can be configured for intercom, talent cueing (IFB) and REMI/At-Home applications.

Utilizing Dante AoE network technology in a table-top enclosure. It is intended for traditional sports and news broadcasting, live event, corporate AV, theater, and eSports applications.

Eight rotary controls with integral RGB LEDs allow monitoring of the eight Dante audio input channels. Two additional controls allow adjustment of the headphone and monitor speaker outputs. Pushbutton switches provide the user with talk control. The Model 348 is compatible with both intercom-style and personal computer gaming headsets. A gooseneck microphone can be connected as an alternate talk audio source.

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In addition to an internal speaker, two Dante monitor output channels can be used for external audio signal monitoring. Two Gigabit Ethernet connections allow the Model 348 to support both switched and redundant Dante operation. Power for the unit can be supplied by Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) or an external source of 12 volts DC. The compact enclosure is intended for use on desktops or other flat surfaces.

All Model 348 operating parameters are configured using the Studio Technologies’ STcontroller software application. Compatible with the Windows operating system, the program allows a unit to be configured in minutes. General features include adjustment of the microphone preamplifier gain, sidetone audio level and activity, and LED intensity.

The Model 348 can be configured for a combination of intercom (talk/listen), talent cueing (program audio w/interrupt audio), REMI/At-Home (talk w/tone signaling), or general audio monitoring applications. Additionally, each of the eight channels can be independently configured.

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