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Studio Technologies Updates IFB Features

Studio Technologies updates firmware for several AoIP products.

Skokie, IL (February 6, 2018)—Studio Technologies has released enhanced firmware for several of its AoIP products that supports the creation of IFB feeds for use in REMI or At-Home remote broadcast productions.

“We view these firmware updates as an opportunity to significantly improve the tools at our customers’ disposal,” says Gordon Kapes, president of Studio Technologies. “The importance of talent cueing is often overlooked, but it’s really critical to a production’s success. By integrating IFB-support functionality into these products, we can offer a suite of improved solutions that are ideal for REMI and At-Home applications.”

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The new firmware is currently shipping with all new Model 5422 Dante Intercom Audio Engine, Model 216 Announcer’s Console and Model 44D Audio Interface units. It’s also available for download, free of charge, for installation in all previously shipped applicable units.

With the latest firmware release, the Model 5422 is now also capable of creating up to 32 unique IFB signals or feeds or a mixture of PL intercom and IFB circuits. The Model 5422 offers two IFB modes, voice-operated (VOX) and tone-operated (TOX).

Until now, the Model 216’s primary application has been for use by on-air talent associated with live events. With its new firmware, the unit can also serve as a 4-channel IFB master station for remote production applications. A Model 216 can serve as a 4-channel IFB master station, while the Model 5422 at the event site can automatically switch between locally-provided program audio and Model 216-provided interrupt audio.

The Model 44D Interface was originally offered to provide a means of interfacing two channels of analog line-level audio to and from applications that use Dante or AES67 technology. New firmware for the Model 44D adds a tone generator mode for use in REMI or At-Home applications that use the Model 5422 Dante Intercom Audio Engine.

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