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Symetrix Bows SymNet Software

Symetrix has released its SymNet Composer DSP configuration software.

Seattle, WA (May 15, 2012)—Symetrix has released its SymNet Composer DSP configuration software.

When performing basic Edge hardware configuration, Composer reportedly automatically identifies the type of audio I/O module installed in each of the Edge frames’ four I/O card slots (up to 16 channels of local audio). When connecting multiple Edge frames via Dante gigabit network audio (up to 128 channels total), network management can be accomplished entirely within the SymNet Composer programming environment.

An open architecture application, Composer’s navigation is said to accelerate the audio path design process. System designers can select from a library of over 600 DSP processing, routing, mixing and special-purpose modules. A designer’s proprietary Super modules (complex blocks of multiple DSP modules and routings) can be exported from or imported into Composer and repurposed in future projects.

Paul Roberts, Symetrix vice president of sales and marketing, says, “DSP is deep in Symetrix’s DNA. Edge hardware, paired with Composer software, is our most exciting commercial audio product yet. Announcements regarding additional audio input/output modules for Edge, as well as online training and certification for SymNet Composer, are slated for the very near future.”