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Symetrix Unveils Composer 7.2

Software update adds Email Notification, Amp Monitoring and More

Seattle, WA (September 30, 2019)—Symetrix has released Composer 7.2 for Windows, the latest version of its programming software for integrators using Edge, Radius NX, Prism and Solus NX DSPs.

Version 7.2 adds several features—the new Emailer Module enables sending email notification directly from the DSP hardware, triggered by any event in the DSP design. By using commonly available email-to-text gateways, SMS text messages may also be sent.

CCI Solutions Revamps CCV Audio Systems

Amplifier monitoring and control has been added for the Powersoft Duecanali, Quattrocanali, Ottocanali, X4, and X8 amplifiers and for Panasonic WP-DM9XX amps. This enables Powersoft amplifiers to communicate current, alarms, thermal and impedance stats directly to the DSP for real-time display on portable and fixed devices.

The number of simultaneous TCP/IP connections Control Server can host has been increased from 6 to 1,000, far more simultaneous users and control interfaces.

A new right click Change Unit Type option has been added that transforms a site file DSP into any other Symetrix DSP hardware type, aiding users as they convert a design from, for example, a Radius 12×8 EX to a Radius NX. In-place copy transfers all processing, control assignments, and SymVue control screens that are not connected to physical device I/O.

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The new UpDown fader type changes any fader images to create user-friendly touch controls

for incrementing or decrementing a parameter. Programmers can edit text in place for buttons, label, and text objects, rather than using the Properties pane. A hot key enables changing font size when designing control screens. A reorganized Toolkit in Site View lines up audio, network, and control tools logically by type. In matrix selectors, the display of the selected input now shows the input name instead of the channel number.

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