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TASCAM Debuts MZ-Series Mixers

A new line of TASCAM mixers are intended for installation in small to mid-sized venues.

Montebello, CA (March 6, 2018)—TASCAM has introduced a new line of rackmount analog mixers, kicking things off with the MZ-223 and MZ-372. Both mixers are intended for small to mid-size venues such as restaurants, hotels, ballrooms, meeting rooms, and schools, as well as residences.

The 2U rack-mount TASCAM MZ-223 provides five audio channels, each with a dedicated Gain potentiometer and two stereo sets of RCA line-level inputs (ten RCA inputs, total), that can be mixed, segregated, and routed to three independent zones or destinations. Channels 1 and 2 can also accommodate phono-level signals for use with a turntable; two front-panel, balanced XLR inputs handle microphone signals.

TASCAM Debuts Dante-Enabled Multichannel Interfaces

Each of the MZ-223’s three stereo output zones present balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA line-level outputs; a slider switches the RCA outputs between 0.75V and 1.5V. The MZ-223 also provides stereo unbalanced RCA master Record outputs, switchable for use with or without microphones, that enable recording the main mix to an external recording device for capturing events. The front panel also includes a ¼-inch stereo headphone output with level control.

Other controls include front-panel volume sliders, routing switches and buttons, EQ knobs and mute buttons , while a Talkover function automatically lowers other source levels when microphones are in use.

TASCAM Bows US-1×2 Mobile Interface

The 3U rack-mount MZ-372 enables audio signals to be mixed, muted and routed to 2 redundant outputs or destinations. Each of its 6 audio channels has an independent volume control and features 2 stereo sets of unbalanced RCA line-level inputs (12 RCA inputs, total) and 6 balanced XLR mic/line (switchable) inputs on the rear panel, plus a mic-level XLR input on the front panel. Channels 1, 2, and 3 can be switched to accommodate phono-level signals for use with a turntable. A pair of unbalanced RCA Booth outputs provide an additional feed with independent control for monitoring and can be switched between stereo and mono operation.

Available now, the MZ-223 is priced at $399.99, while the MZ-372 is $499.99.