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At NAMM: TASCAM Reveals DR-X Series Digital Audio Recorders

The new line of professional handheld recorders and USB audio interfaces includes DR-40X, DR-07X and DR-05X.

Anaheim, CA (January 24, 2019)—The new DR-X line is the latest addition to TASCAM’s line of professional-grade handheld recorders. Models in the line—the 4-track DR-40X, compact DR-07X and DR-05X—are available now.

The DR-40X features integrated unidirectional stereo mics with scalable A/B or X/Y configuration, dual XLR/1/4-inch combo inputs, built-in phantom power for condenser mics, integrated 4-track capability, and wired remote control option. Applications include DSLR video, music recording, sound design, and more. DSLR filmmakers will appreciate the DR-40X’s Auto-Tone function, providing an audio cue tone identifying each recording take.


The DR-07X is configured with dual integrated scalable unidirectional A/B or X/Y configurable mics. Incorporating all of the DR-07X’s features minus the scalable microphones, the DR-05X is equipped with a pair of omnidirectional condenser mics, making it appropriate for recording music, meetings and dictation.

DR-X Series Features

The DR-X Series incorporates a 2-in/2-out USB audio interface that makes all DR-X Series recorders suited for use in live streaming, podcasting and with digital audio workstations.


Models in the line support microSDXC cards with capacities up to 128 GB.

Other features in the DR-X Series include a bright white backlit display; Dictation Mode, which enables the user to jump back audio playback in pre-selected increments, including speed control and a special dictation EQ; and Overwrite Mode, which allows users to select a precise Record drop-in time for replacement recording with one level of undo. The DR-X Series’ Auto-Recording function can be set to begin recording when a sound is detected, and its Pre-Recording function delivers fail-safe recordings with up to 2 seconds of pre-record time.

DR-X Series recorders are available now. The DR-40X carries an estimated street price of $199.99, the DR-07X $149.99, and the DR-05X $119.99.