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TASCAM Updates DR-10 Series Portable Recorders

Firmware update adds three new features to DR-10 Series.

Montebello, CA (June 20, 2018)—TASCAM has released its version 2.0 firmware for its DR series of portable recorders, adding new functionality to the line of miniature digital recorders designed for videography and newsgathering.

The new firmware release adds three new recording and monitoring capabilities: real-time level meters during recording; an additional level setting in dual record mode; and the inclusion of MP3 as a recording format.

Users can now view record levels in real time when the record function is engaged, as the meters are now active during audio capture.

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People who use the dual recording feature—which allows for the automatic recording of a second “safety track” at a lower gain setting than the main track—will now be able to select between a -12 db and -6 db delta.

The new firmware adds MP3 as an option to the various WAV formats already offered on the line of recorders. By recording to MP3, users will be able to record for days on end with a single MicroSD card, which can be a lifesaver on remote shoots or when gathering content at tradeshows and events.

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The update, available free at the company’s website, works with the DR-10X (with integrated XLR connector), the DR-10SG (with integrated shotgun mic) and the DR-10L/LW (with lavalier mic).