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Telefunken Unveils Alchemy Microphones

New line of large diaphragm tube condensers debuts.

South Windsor, CT (March 19, 2019)—Telefunken Elektroakustik is introducing the new Alchemy Series of microphones, intended to be the company’s next generation of large diaphragm tube condensers. Shipping this spring, the new series includes the TF29, TF39, TF47, and TF51.

Reportedly each model has a distinctively original sonic fingerprint, so the company sees the Alchemy Series as an evolution and refinement of past models in the R-F-T Series (CU-29 Copperhead, AR-51, and AK-47 MkII). The mics sport newly designed custom headgrilles for transparency and openness, hand-plugged circuit boards, and selected American and European vacuum tubes and transformers. All systems ship in a protective case and include two mount options, microphone dust cover, high-flex 7-meter cable and a power supply.

Set It Off Gets on the Mic

The Alchemy Series is assembled in America by a team of engineers and technicians. Each microphone is individually tested and listened to, and all critical components are quality-controlled in-house before assembly, including capsule frequency sweeps, vacuum tube burn-in and noise grading.

The TF29 Copperhead is an evolution of the CU-29 Copperhead, aiming for a natural and non-hyped tonalit. The TF29 features a new old-stock American-made 5654W vacuum tube, all-brass K67-style capsule, and a Swedish-made Lundahl output transformer.

Meanwhile, the TF39 Copperhead Deluxe adds a dual membrane K67-style capsule, allowing for 3-pattern selection between cardioid, omnidirectional, and figure-8 in order to provide flexibility and options in the studio. Sonically and component-wise, the two microphones are otherwise the same.

The TF47 is a new design drawing inspiration from the Neumann U47 and M49, and Telefunken suggests using it for recording vocals, guitar amps, and drums. It is built around an all-brass K47-style capsule, new old stock 5840W vacuum tube, and a custom-made historically accurate BV8 transformer, as found in the U47.

The TF51 rethinks the Telefunken ELA M 251E and C12, using a 6072A vacuum tube mated with an edge-terminated style capsule. The output transformer is a custom German-made Haufe transformer, the original manufacturer for Telefunken.

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