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Telos Alliance Upgrades Omnia.9

The Omnia 9 will get a significant update at this year’s NAB Show.

Cleveland, OH / Las Vegas, NV (April 3, 2018)—The Telos Alliance will introduce software and platform upgrades for the Omnia.9 broadcast audio processor at NAB 2018 that, according to the manufacturer, “represent the biggest leap forward since the Omnia.9 was released.”

The software release is a complete sonic overhaul for the Omnia.9, featuring new clippers for FM and AM and integrating a new declipper.

Other significant updates include Phase Correction with Mono Bass to reduce multipath distortion; a fully rewritten streaming engine supporting Shoutcast 2 and lossless streaming with an integrated internal stream server; and preset switching for better transitions between presets with very different EQ and compression characteristics.

Telos Alliance to Show IP Interop at NAB

Other new features include a shared processing path for AM+HD units, allowing them to share a watermark encoder; improved latency, monitoring, and RDS improvements. All these are part of the latest (3.18.99) software release and will be provided free of charge to all Omnia 9 users.

Also available is optional Omnia µMPX (micro MP’) encoding by Hans van Zutphen, making Omnia.9 the first hardware processor to support this codec, which allows broadcasters to transport a compressed FM composite signal at 320 kbps to a µMPX decoder over an IP link.

Other significant changes to Omnia 9 are facilitated by a platform/hardware upgrade currently being cut into Omnia 9 production. These changes in hardware enable Livewire+ AES67 for even more flexible I/O and facilitate Kantar watermarking for users in France. Updating older units to the latest will be a factory upgrade through Telos Alliance and will be made available through service centers and qualified dealers in May 2018.

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