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TODD-AO Unveils PhADR iOS App for Remote ADR

App aims to improve remote ADR recording via iPhones.

Los Angeles, CA (April 1, 2019)—Todd-AO may be one of the largest ADR Stages in the world but now it’s expanded its reach with the release of PhADR, an iOS App designed to help actors record and replace their dialog, commonly known as ADR.

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Producers prefer to record ADR in professional ADR studios, but sometimes it is impractical. The app, then, is intended to help actors record ADR on their own with performance in mind and check for matching as if they were in a studio. The post team emails QuickTime videos to the Actor who then returns recorded ADR Takes back via email.

Recording ADR remotely on a cell phone is nothing new; the practice has been around since 2013, but it can often lead to issues with performance, pitch and sync that can differ from the original. Additionally, the recordings can often wind up compressed and of poor quality.

PhADR aims to provide the actor with the sync and performance reference found in a traditional ADR studio, on an iPhone or iPad. The editor spots the ADR beeps and sends the Actor individual QuickTime movies via email; the actor imports the movies into the app, records ADR, and sends the WAVs back to the editor. TODD-AO recommends recording in a quiet room with heavy fabrics and using a Rode Videomic ME L (Lightning Connect & 3.5mm with Headphone Out).

PhADR is available on the Apple App Store; the service is $19.99 per year for unlimited recordings.