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Tonelux V4 Roadster 500 Series Compatible Chassis

Makes it easy to take up to four 500-series modules with you wherever you go.

The Tonelux V4 Roadster is a four-slot, 500-series-compatible, lunchbox-style chassis that combines uncompromised build-quality, interface and power specs with complete portability, making it easy to take up to four 500-series modules with you wherever you go.


The robust V4 is constructed of steel and is equipped to handle voltages from 95-250 VAC. Input and output is provided via XLR connectors on the rear panel. The device supplies an ample 425 mA per slot (far more than the majority of the competition) and is VPR Alliance compliant.

The V4 Roadster is also expandable. Adding the X4 or the TX4 Expander provides space for an additional four modules (the X4 adds space for four 500-series modules and the TX4 adds space for 4 Tonelux modules). The expansion chassis receives its power from the V4 and in addition to its 4 XLR inputs and outputs, it adds a pair of D-Sub connectors that provide I/O for all eight modules.

In Use

The API 10-slot, 500-series rack and power supply has been a mainstay in my studio for several years now, but as the 500-series format has become more popular, I’ve found that I’m frequently wanting to take just two or three modules with me when I work at other studios. Several manufacturers offer two-bay supplies that allow two, single-slot, 500-series units to be mounted horizontally. Unfortunately, these supplies don’t accommodate the two-slot 500-series modules (like the LaChapell 583s tube mic pre, which frankly I couldn’t live without). This is one of the primary attractions to the Tonelux V4 Roadster, and its expandability assures that I won’t outgrow it.

I’ve been using the V4 Roadster along with the XQP Optical Disrupter and Empirical Labs DocDerr (both reviewed in this issue) as well as the Alta Moda Hippo for several weeks; it has worked flawlessly. While the majority of the companies manufacturing 500-series modules adhere to the strict power requirements, there are still many who exceed the power limitations within the API 500-series spec. The 425 mA per slot supplied by the V4 (in contrast, the API 500-6B lunchbox provides 215 mA per slot) exceeds any module requirements that I’ve encountered, ensuring top performance from every module with no issues if every slot is loaded.


Anyone looking to add 500-series module compatibility to their studio, or wanting to add a level of portability to a current 500-series module collection should give top consideration to the Tonelux V4 Roadster.

Price: $499

Contact: Tonelux/PMI Audio US |