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TransAudio Group Unveils ATC SCM12i Monitor

Intended for permanent installations, the ATC SCM12i is now available in the U.S.

Las Vegas, NV (November 13, 2018)—TransAudio Group, the U.S. distributor for ATC, has introduced ATC SCM12i compact monitor for permanent installations.

A follow-up to the passive SCM12 Pro, launched two years ago, the new monitor uses the same two-way topology and driver technology but places it within a cabinet that is purpose-built for permanent installation in recording and post studios. The new monitor’s mounting points are compatible popular mounting strategies and standardizations, including those offered by Adaptive Technologies Group and König & Meyer (K&M).

Hitting the AES Show Floor: Day 1

Brad Lunde, founder and president of TransAudio Group, noted, “The ATC SCM12 Pro is a popular choice for nearfields in small spaces or on tight budgets – or as surrounds in larger studios. Either way, they’re small enough (roughly 16” x 9” x 9”) to warrant permanent installation, but, like most near field monitors, the SCM12 Pro lacks the mounting points of ‘installation-ready’ loudspeakers. Responding to requests from its customers, ATC has produced the SCM12i, which includes those mounting points.”

Like the SCM12 Pro, the ATC SCM12i uses the same hand-built drivers found in other ATC models, and sports a one-inch dual suspension Soft Dome tweeter. An ATC six-inch Constrained Layer Damping woofer handles mid- and low-frequency content with proprietary technology.

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The monitor offers a frequency response from 80 Hz to 16 kHz ± 2dB, ±80° coherent horizontal and ±10° coherent vertical dispersion, and 108 dB continuous SPL per pair at 1m. The SCM12i Pro is expected to begin shipping by the end of 2018.

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