TransAudio Ships Drawmer MC7.1 Controller

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Las Vegas (December 1, 2017)—TransAudio Group, U.S. distributor of Drawmer and other pro audio manufacturers, has introduced the Drawmer MC7.1 surround sound monitor controller. The MC7.1 joins Drawmer's line of monitor controllers, offering the same circuitry and mix-checking features as Drawmer’s MC2.1 and MC3.1 stereo models.

Built in Drawmer’s UK factory, MC7.1 adds surround sound interconnectivity and functionality for mixing 7.1, 5.1, stereo, mono, or any other multi-channel format.

The all-analog Drawmer MC7.1 has two sets of balanced 7.1 inputs, a 7.1 throughput, a balanced stereo input, and a front panel aux input. It also sports a balanced 7.1 output and a balanced stereo output with its own subwoofer option. Parameters allow users to direct any surround sound channels to the surround L/R or stereo mains.

The Drawmer MC7.1 Controller is now shipping and is priced at $1,599.