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TRUE Systems pT2-500D Precision Dynamic Preamplifier

Sennheiser USA-distributed brand TRUE Systems is now shipping the pT2-500D Precision Dynamic Preamp, which expands the pT2-500 Series with “more gain, higher input impedance and a unique low frequency adjust control” for approximately $650 street. The pT2-500D is an API 500 series compatible module incorporating the company’s Type 2 circuit design. It provides exceptional sonic performance with ribbon and dynamic microphones, but also produces superior results with self-powered tube microphones. 

Features include rail-to-rail design (which provides “higher internal headroom, higher maximum input level without pad and higher output level without transformer and excessive power supply current,” offers TRUE); discrete FET DI with In and Thru jacks; detented, dual-range gain control for easy setting over wide gain ranges (from 7.5 to 76dB); 0.1% precision resistors for superb common-mode and output signal balance performance.
Price: $749 list
Contact: Sennheiser USA |