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UAD v9.6 Debuts with Quartet of New Plug-Ins

UAD Update adds guitar amp, mastering suite, and microphone collection plug-ins.

Scotts Valley, CA (August 15, 2018)—Universal Audio has released UAD Software v9.6, which includes new channel strip, guitar amp, mastering suite and microphone collection plug-ins from UA and direct developer partners, Brainworx and Townsend Labs.

UA’s new Century Tube Channel Strip plug-in features a vintage tube mic preamp, dynamics control and a “classically voiced” EQ. Intended for use in capturing vocal and instrument sounds, the strip is made for UA Audio Interface tracking, sporting the console-inspired tube preamp; a three-band EQ with high and low shelf tone control and sweepable midrange; single knob optical dynamics control and more. The plug-in works in conjunction with a UAD DSP Accelerator or UA Audio Interface.

The Suhr PT100 Amplifier is available exclusively for UAD-2 hardware and UA Audio Interfaces, and was created in collaboration with amp designer John Suhr and guitarist Pete Thorn (Chris Cornell, Melissa Etheridge). An update of Suhr’s original PT100 design, it features a custom “Plexi-style” output transformer, four EL-34 power tubes and six 12AX7 preamp tubes. Users can switch between three channels—American, British, and high-gain modded British—and can further customize them with 3-band EQ and Crunch, Boost, and Bright switches for each channel.

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Other features include custom Feedback, Presence, and Depth controls to adjust amplifier response, and an FX Rack for host-syncable lo-fi delay, noise gate, tight and smooth filters and power soak, as well as preamp and power amp bypass switches

Intended as an all-in-one mastering suite for songwriters, bands and engineers, the Brainworx bx_masterdesk plug-in offers a chain of analog mastering tools in a simple interface, providing multiple levels of EQ and compression, plus M/S processing, bass management, and stereo enhancement. The plug-in also sports a low DSP footprint, allowing processing with a single DSP chip.

Townsend Labs’ Bill Putnam Microphone Collection offers emulations of rare, vintage mics used by Grammy award-winning engineer Bill Putnam Sr. to track Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra, and others. Aiming to replicate classic timbres, they model the transient response, harmonics, proximity effect and three-dimensional polar response of the original mics, such as the Telefunken Ela M 251E, AKG C12A, Neumann U47 and RCA 44, among others.

Using the plug-in, engineers can change proximity effect in real-time, or after the recording, to match an earlier vocal take, as well as adjust the polar pattern and other parameters to reduce bleed, room coloration, and feedback, before or after tracking.

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The Bill Putnam Mic Collection plug-in is available exclusively for UA Audio Interfaces and UAD hardware combined with the Townsend Labs Sphere L22 three-dimensional microphone-modeling product.

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