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UK Sound Bows 176 Mono Compressor

BAE Audio’s UK Sound brand unveils its take on the classic 1176.

Hollywood, CA (October 10, 2018)—UK Sound has unveiled its new 176 single-channel compressor. Mimicking the 1176, the 176 is a mono Field Effect Transistor (FET) compressor and peak limiter.

The UK Sound 176 compressor emulates features of the original 1176, aiming to replicate the brightness, presence and energy that compressor imparts on the sound. The unit’s controls center around a single Input control knob, effectively acting as a threshold control that depends on the ratio selected, as well as an Output gain control, which, like the original 1176, gives users access to more gain than standard compressors.

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The 176 compressor features selectable ratio options of 4:1 and 8:1 for compression, and 12:1 and 20:1 for limiting, as well as variable Attack and Release controls, which let users tailor the compressor’s action to be suitable to a given source.

With the “!” toggle switch, the UK Sound 176 also features the 1176 “All Buttons In” feature, which delivers increased distortion, plus a plateaued slope and lag time in response to initial transients.

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The UK Sound 176 compressor includes a Bypass toggle switch, as well as a side-chain filter switch to let low frequencies pass through without engaging the compressor when the SC Filter is switched on.

UK Sound is a brand of BAE Audio.

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