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Ultimate Ears Bows Flagship IEM, IPX Connection System

Ultimate Ears has revamped its product line and introduced a number of new IEMs.

Irvine, CA (May 2, 2018)—Ultimate Ears has put its line of professional custom in-ear monitors through a massive revamp, releasing a new flagship monitor, the UE Live, and a new introductory model, the UE 6 Pro. Additionally, the company’s entire lineup has been upgraded with its new IPX cable connection system.

The UE Live—the company’s flagship model—sports a hybrid acoustic architecture, along with six balanced armatures, one dynamic driver and the True Tone Plus, an upgraded version of Ultimate Ears’ proprietary True Tone Drivers. Each driver is designed to handle a specific frequency range.

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Meanwhile, the Ultimate Ears 6 Pro is being presented as an introductory hybrid solution for drummers, bass players, DJs and hip-hop musicians. Using the same hybrid acoustic architecture as UE Live, UE 6 Pro includes two dynamic drivers for midrange and bass, along with original True Tone Drivers for high-frequency fidelity.

Upgrading all of UE’s offerings, however, is its new IPX Connection System. Co-created with estron a/s, it provides a lightweight, IP67-certified sweat-proof connection between cable and connector, allowing for easy swapping between different cable types.

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The IPX Connection System can be plugged into any audio interface with a ⅛” (3.5 mm) headphone jack, and is based primarily around SuperBax cable.

UE Live and UE 6 Pro will ship this month with anticipated pricing of $2,199 and $699, respectively. The UE IPX Connection System is now available worldwide on all custom in-ear monitors orders.

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