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Ultimate Ears Personal Reference Monitors

Logitech’s Ultimate Ears has announced their premier product, the Personal Reference Monitors — the ultimate in customizable IEMs. Featuring a five armature design, a three-way crossover circuit, triple-bore sound channels, 26dB of isolation, passive noise cancellation, and more, the Personal Reference Monitors are most importantly “custom-tuned” pre-build via a three-way crossover system (“Personal Monitor Tuning Box”). This system — defining custom, user-defined frequency responses — will be making the rounds starting this month in New York City, Nashville, Los Angeles, and Irvine CA. 

Other features include fine wood faceplaces and RewardTag, a loss prevention system that encourages “finders” to return them for a reward. 

Stay tuned to the pages of PAR for a full review of this premium IEM product with exclusive factory tour and custom fitting coverage. Meanwhile, watch PAR Contributor Joshua Garber’s video of his experience at Logitech HQ here: 

Price: $1,999

Contact: Logitech |