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Undertone Debuts UnFairchild 670M II

Undertone Audio has launched its re-designed UnFairchild 670M II compressor.

Los Angeles, CA (December 12, 2017)—Manufacturer of custom recording consoles and high-end outboard gear, Undertone Audio has announced the launch of its re-designed UnFairchild 670M II. Having originally debuted at October 2016’s AES Convention in Los Angeles, the compressor is now available to the pro audio marketplace.

The original Model 670M notably won a ProSoundNetwork “Best of Show” Award at San Francisco’s 133 AES Convention in October 2012, where it was shown for the first time.

According to Undertone Audio, the UnFairchild circuitry “mirrors the legendary Fairchild [for] a painstaking recreation of the classic sound from this circuitry, capturing the best of the past, and now also offering more modern functionality.”

Further, Undertone Audio notes that the UnFairchild’s redesigned circuitry “improves on the lifespan and reliability of the JJ 6386 tubes, a massive cost-savings for studios and engineers.” And the UnFairchild’s focus on flexibility and functionality enables it to handle compression for any style of music, from pop to rock to jazz to classical.

Features of the UnFairchild 670M II include six original Time Constant presets; “Variable” mode with independent Attack and Release time adjustments; stereo linking; two M/S modes; side chain processing; feed back or “feed forward” functionality; and universally detented user controls for recalls.

Undertone Audio