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V-Plugs Debuts Mr. Soundman

V-Plugs has introduced Mr. Soundman, an ear training game for music producers and sound engineers.

Haifa, Israel (August 31, 2011)—V-Plugs has introduced Mr. Soundman, an ear training game for music producers and sound engineers.

Mr. Soundman is a tool for assessing and improving frequency detection, a critical skill for mixing, recording and producing music. It also reportedly enables users to win excellence awards and prizes, and to compete with colleagues and friends around the globe.

Mr. Soundman behaves a bit like an arcade game with an intuitive GUI, and rapidly increasing difficulty. The basic concept is simple: Mr. Soundman plays an audio source with a noticeable boost somewhere across the frequency range. The mission is to identify the boosted frequency.

The closer the answer is to the boosted frequency, the more points the user gains. As the game progresses, the “right answer range” becomes narrower, so users have to provide more precise answers. The game starts with a wide “right answer range” of three octaves, but only the best will get to the 1/4 octave zone.

Depending on their score, users can win three excellence awards: the Bronze Ear, the Silver Ear and the Golden Ear award. Each of these awards grants a special prize. Users can also participate in Mr. Soundman’s special competitions that will be announced from time to time, and compete with other music producers and sound engineers around the world.

The premium version of Mr. Soundman gives an advanced ear training solution for those who want to take audio ear training a step forward. It offers more sound sources (and sound categories), focused training sessions and a hearing test. It also enables the user to load his own sounds, to build and manage a personal practice folder, and to work on and improve certain aspects of listening skills.