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Video: Eventide Updates Stompboxes

Neat new features for the Stompbox Series are free via download.

Eventide has announced the release of software updates for all products in its Stompbox effects series. The new features announced are available immediately for H9 with a public beta to begin now for ModFactor, TimeFactor (pictured), PitchFactor and Space. These updates are free and are available immediately for the H9 by downloading the latest version of the H9 Control application (Mac, PC or iOS).

Eventide Stompboxes have always supported the two most common options for routing signals: mono or stereo. Musicians using an amplifier could choose to either place their Eventide Stompbox in front of it or in the effects loop. The addition of Pre/Post routing provides two signal chains to allow you to choose, by preset, where the effect should go. For example, an overdrive algorithm normally responds best in front of the amp (Pre), while a reverb effect is usually placed in the effects loop (Post); until this update, a pair of Eventide stompboxes was the only solution. Now, users will only need two extra cables.

Routing Wet/Dry also adds another routing option—the ability to use one channel for effects (Wet) and the other as an unaltered pass-through (Dry). This gives studio and live musicians options for things like re-amping, testing house mix levels, etc.

All software-based routing is completely software-based and saved with each preset. There’s no need to reach down to the pedal in order to change routing when a preset is selected; it’s set in advance along with presets. Customer requests have also prompted an expression pedal (or MIDI controller) to control signal level, provided in the new Swell feature, able to be placed on either the input or output signal.

Finally, the update delivers two other requested enhancements: MIDI Merge and a Press & Hold option for aux switches. The MIDI Merge feature will mix incoming MIDI signals and MIDI signals that it generates, sending the result to the outputs. This will be of particular interest to people driving multiple stompboxes from a MIDI pedalboard. The new Aux Switch configuration adds the ability to press and hold a switch (Momentary) in addition to the existing on and off states (Latch). For instance, users can have a parameter change only while the switch is being held. This allows a modulating wet/dry mix or any other parameter knob by holding or tapping on the Aux Switch.

Watch the following video for a demonstration of Eventide’s Pre/Post Routing feature, new to the Stompboxes Series. 

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