Video: Harrison Mixbus DAW V3.1

Mixbus V3.1 features expanded hardware control support and other key new tools.
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New York, NY (February 9, 2016)—Harrison’s Mixbus DAW Software version 3.1 is now available and features a variety of useful new tools and advanced functionality.

Most notably, Mixbus now supports three types of external hardware control surfaces: generic MIDI devices using “MIDI Learn” to assign MIDI control directly to on-screen knobs, etc.; Mackie control protocol provided for motorized fader controllers and tactile control of Mixbus’ channel strip EQ, compressor and eight sends; and OSC (Open Source Control) protocol for Ethernet-based wireless tablet controllers including TouchOSC and Lemur for iOS and Android. A more deeply customizable GUI is a perk of V3.1, too; channel strips, for example, can now be scaled to best match monitor size.

Other new features include the Favorite Plug-ins sidebar allowing drag-and-drop functionality to applying effects to tracks and an expanded monitor section for using plug-ins for room correction and/or metering in the listening path.

Watch the video below as Product Manager Ben Loftis uses the aforementioned OSC protocol features to control Mixbus via tablet. Mixbus V3.1 “has a very rich OSC implementation,” Loftis explains.

“As a ‘proof of concept,’ we've developed a nice ergonomic controller for managing a recording session from your tablet. We're publishing this layout for our users to use, and tweak, using TouchOSC ( for Android and iOS … we will make this TouchOSC layout available for our users to use and modify; you have to purchase the TouchOSC app for your tablet.”

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