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Video: Harrison Mixbus DAW V3.1

Mixbus V3.1 features expanded hardware control support and other key new tools.

New York, NY (February 9, 2016)—Harrison’s Mixbus DAW Software version 3.1 is now available and features a variety of useful new tools and advanced functionality.

Most notably, Mixbus now supports three types of external hardware control surfaces: generic MIDI devices using “MIDI Learn” to assign MIDI control directly to on-screen knobs, etc.; Mackie control protocol provided for motorized fader controllers and tactile control of Mixbus’ channel strip EQ, compressor and eight sends; and OSC (Open Source Control) protocol for Ethernet-based wireless tablet controllers including TouchOSC and Lemur for iOS and Android. A more deeply customizable GUI is a perk of V3.1, too; channel strips, for example, can now be scaled to best match monitor size.

Other new features include the Favorite Plug-ins sidebar allowing drag-and-drop functionality to applying effects to tracks and an expanded monitor section for using plug-ins for room correction and/or metering in the listening path.

Watch the video below as Product Manager Ben Loftis uses the aforementioned OSC protocol features to control Mixbus via tablet. Mixbus V3.1 “has a very rich OSC implementation,” Loftis explains.

“As a ‘proof of concept,’ we’ve developed a nice ergonomic controller for managing a recording session from your tablet. We’re publishing this layout for our users to use, and tweak, using TouchOSC ( for Android and iOS … we will make this TouchOSC layout available for our users to use and modify; you have to purchase the TouchOSC app for your tablet.”

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