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Brainworx Models dbx 120XP Sub Synth

Plugin Alliance is now offering the bx_subsynth plug-in, modeled on the dbx 120XP Subharmonic Synthesizer. Using founding Plugin Alliance development partner Brainworx’s M/S (Mid-Side) matrix technology to control stereo field content, the bx_subsynth add subharmonic punch and saturation to...


Arturia Launches MiniLab MkII

Arturia’s MiniLab MkII is a space-saving controller combining a two-octave and velocity-sensitive keyboard, RGB backlit performance pads, 16 rotary knobs and suite of included software. Priced affordably at $119, MiniLab MkII offers hundreds of classic keyboard presets in...


Locomotive Bows Weight Tank

Locomotive Audio’s Weight Tank sub-brand of professional audio hardware is official with the debut of the “colored, vari-mu style” Weight Tank Compressor, an all-tube, single channel compressor featuring 6BC8 and 12AU7 tubes, three all-steel audio transformers (at input, inter-stage...

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