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Void Acoustics To Debut Gear at InfoComm 2018

Void Acoustics has new powered monitors and amplifiers set for next month.

Las Vegas, NV (May 10, 2018)— Void Acoustics will preview its upcoming Node 2i and 4i powered monitors and three new Bias amplifier models at InfoComm in Las Vegas next month.

The Node 2i offers a 12” and 1.4” co-axial driver combined with a 1200 w RMS amplifier module, integrated DSP and four configurable presets, reportedly enabling a peak SPL of 133 dB and a frequency response of 60-18khz -3db. Meanwhile, the Node 4i, with a larger 15” and 1.4” co-axial driver is expected to have a frequency response of 50-18 khz -3 db.

60 Second: Robert Hofkamp, Void Acoustics

Each of the Node series monitors has multiple working surfaces, allowing them to be used as a near field booth monitor or conventional stage wedge, as well as having the ability to be pole mounted or wall mounted for FOH purposes. Void reports that it has taken measures to reduce weight in the monitors, while also using FEA analysis during the design process to optimize the port.

Being introduced at the show will be the Bias Q5 (4 x 5000 Watt), capable of being driven from a variety of supply sources, including single, dual or three-phase supply, with an input voltage requirement of 85 VAC up to 440 VAC. The Bias Q5 is intended for most bass enclosures, as well as high-power, full-range systems.

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The lighter Bias Q2 (4 x 1200 Watt) and Bias D1 (2 x 800 Watt), are Dante-enabled amplifiers designed to work with lo-Z (from 2 ohms) and 70 V/100 V distributed lines, and are intended for installed sound reinforcement systems.

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