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Vox Mini3 Portable Modeling Amplifier

Vox Amplification has added the Mini3 to its amplifier lineup.

Vox Amplification has added the Mini3 to its amplifier lineup. Combining renowned VOX modeling technology, flexible battery or AC power, and versatile onboard features, the Mini3 is ideal for any performer in need of a portable amplifier for recording or live applications. Outfitted in traditional VOX styling, the Mini3 is available in black, ivory or racing green.
The Mini3 provides 11 highly accurate amplifier models, starting with VOX British tone and including classic historic amps, intense hi-gain amps, and rare “boutique” amplifiers. In addition, a clean, non-distorting amp model preserves the natural quality of any acoustic instrument and can also accommodate a keyboard or workstation. A total of eight effects are on-board (compressor, chorus, flanger and tremolo) plus two reverbs and two delays. One effect and one reverb/delay can be operated simultaneously. Controls are designed to be simple and intuitive; the Tap Tempo feature makes setting the delay time easy.
In addition to the instrument input, the Mini3 also offers a separate microphone input — complete with its own volume knob and reverb/delay level control — allowing the Mini3 to function as a portable P.A. system. A convenient AUX input is provided for jamming along to a CD or MP3, or for use with any audio source. The headphone output allows for private practice and can also be used as a line out for recording or for using the Mini3 as a personal monitor when hooked to larger sound system.
Designed for mobility, the Mini3 can run anywhere for up to 30 hours on six AA batteries; an AC adaptor is included for stationary use. Ideal for the on-the-go musician/recordist or street performer, the Mini3 comes with its own stylish strap, allowing it to be easily carried, or even worn during performance.
Price: $180
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