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VUE Audiotechnik Issues al-12

VUE Audiotechnik has officially debuted its flagship al-12 line array box.

Escondido, CA (June 24, 2016)—VUE Audiotechnik has officially debuted its flagship al-12 line array box.

Designed for large-scale applications, the al-12 is the largest addition to the company’s al-Class of scalable line array systems. It can integrate with other al-Class elements due to VUE’s CST (Continuous Source Topology) as established in proprietary high-frequency waveguides in previous al-Class models. CST enables VUE al-Class line-array elements to function in the same symmetrical line source array from the largest system at the top of the array to the smallest elements hung at the bottom of the array.

High-frequency reproduction in the al-12 is handled by two three-inch, 1.4-exit compression drivers utilizing VUE’s proprietary Truextent beryllium diaphragms. A pair of 12-inch low-frequency drivers with Neodymium magnet assemblies flank six midrange Neo drivers, constructed with Kevlar cones. It features a suspension system based around hardware that features 16x half-degree increments. The al-12’s cabinet is constructed from multi-ply birch which has been finished with VUE’s Dura-Coat finish.

The al-12 is powered using the new VUEDrive V3 Systems Engine, which delivers 9,000 watts total burst power all channels, with 1600 watts sine wave per channel to the low- and mid-frequency drivers, and 500 watts sine wave per channel to the high-frequency drivers. The VUEDriver V3 provides integrated Digital Signal Processing for loudspeaker management, factory-programmed array element configuration functions, network remote capabilities, analogue, AS digital and Dante network audio along user-definable input EQ and delay.

VUE Audiotechnik