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Walls Added to EASE

Berlin's Ahnert Feistel Media Group (AFMG) is expanding the EASE Suite with AFMG SoundFlow.

Berlin, Germany (August 26, 2011)–Berlin’s Ahnert Feistel Media Group (AFMG) is expanding the EASE Suite with AFMG SoundFlow.

With SoundFlow, models of multi-layered wall constructions can be created to deliver predictions of absorption, reflection and transmission.

With growing demand for improved sound insulation and energy efficiency, multi-layered construction utilizing modern materials has become increasingly critical in building physics and acoustical design. AFMG SoundFlow reportedly is designed to create predictions of the acoustic behavior of multi-layered wall, ceiling or floor materials. Wall construction simulation is set up from the materials data bank. Custom materials can be defined and added to the list.

Data is displayed using industry standard values, including ALPHAw, NRC, C/Ctr, Rw and STC. SoundFlow can calculate the frequency dependent results of reflection, absorption and transmission. Adjustable scaling and smoothing can be applied. Multiple multi-layered wall compositions can be compared simultaneously. SoundFlow provides the option to investigate the material’s behavior for diffuse sound as well as for any specific angle of incident sound, both with an open back or rigid back termination. Professional users can choose between calculation schemes including Bies, ISO/DIN EN 12354, Mechel, Komatsu, Miki or Delany-Bazley.

Reports can be produced in PDF and RTF formats for subsequent export to other applications. All graphics can be saved in BMP and PNG formats. For those already using AFMG’s EASE acoustic simulation software, SoundFlow Standard also supports the option to directly export data of the absorption coefficients to EASE wall material files. SoundFlow supports both Metric and US measurement systems.

Ahnert Feistel Media Group