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Waves Audio’s Submarine Plug-In Surfaces

New plug-in adds up to two octaves of sub bass to tracks.

Knoxville, TN (May 13, 2019)—Waves Audio has surfaced its new two-octave subharmonic generator plug-in, Submarine.

With sub frequencies such a key element of current music, the plug-in is intended to help add bigger, deeper sub bass to tracks, while reportedly maintaining clarity and low-end accuracy. Offering two subharmonic generators, the plug-in is built around Waves’ Organic ReSynthesis technology.

Submarine’s two sub generators process a source—kicks, bass, etc.—and add new subharmonic frequencies up to two octaves below the precise frequency range selected. The Organic ReSynthesis engine looks at the original signal’s core elements—carrier, pitch, formant, and envelope—processes them individually, and then reconstructs the audio to create brand-new sub frequencies within the exact pitch and time of the original signal, aiming to create deep subharmonic content that works properly with the source.

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Among the plug-in’s controls are the Range slider, which lets users zero in on the exact frequencies—anywhere between 20–240 Hz—to be used for generating subharmonics. Meanwhile, the Drive control allows users to determine the saturation of the added subs and glue them into the rest of the mix. Elsewhere, the Dynamics knob goes from short transient sub sounds, to heavier compression for longer sustained sub notes.

This plug-in is a lifesaver when a low-end EQ boost won’t help (because your track lacks low frequencies to begin with), or where psychoacoustic bass enhancers like Waves’ Renaissance Bass plugin won’t be enough (because they work their magic on small speakers, not on big subwoofers). With the Waves Submarine plugin, you can dive as deep as you want, with better clarity throughout the low end.

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Also provided is selectable Mono/Stereo control and Dry/Wet control for parallel mixing. The plug-in is SoundGrid-compatible and ships with numerous presets by Grammy-winning producers and mix engineers.

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