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Waves Launches REDD Plug-ins

Waves Audio has teamed with London's legendary Abbey Road Studios to introduce their new REDD Console plug-ins.

Tel Aviv, Israel (December 4, 2012)—Waves Audio has teamed with London’s legendary Abbey Road Studios to introduce their new REDD Console plug-ins.

REDD consoles were custom-designed, built by and named after Abbey Road Studios’ in-house Record Engineering Development Department (REDD). Waves has endeavored to recreate the color, character and tonality of the original desks, specifically the REDD.17 still belonging to Abbey Road Studios and the REDD.37 console now owned by Lenny Kravitz.

Mirek Stiles, head of audio products, Abbey Road Studios, stated, “Ever since I first heard the word REDD at Abbey Road Studios almost 13 years ago, to me, these consoles have had a legendary, almost mythical aura around them. Most of the original REDD consoles have been lost over time, but by using the few examples left over and studying the original schematics and design notes from the archives, I believe Waves and Abbey Road have revived an important part of musical history that will enable producers of all generations to discover and fall in love with the lost sound of REDD.”

Abbey Road Studios technical engineer Lenn Page established EMI’s Recording Engineer Development Department in 1955 to address the needs of the then-burgeoning stereophonic format. Within a year, the team’s efforts had led to the production of the REDD.1 console, Abbey Road’s first dedicated stereo mixing system, which consisted of a REDD.8 mixer and a rack that housed its amplifiers and other components.

In 1957, its successor was created. The REDD.17, designed by Peter Burkowitz of EMI’s German affiliate, was one of the first desks to conform to the design the industry has come to expect from mixing consoles, with EQ on each of its eight channels. Like the REDD.1 before it, the REDD.17 was a mono/stereo board. Later the following year, in response to the growing popularity of the four-track recording format, the third in the series, the REDD.37, was unveiled.

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