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Waves OneKnob Series Plug-Ins

Waves OneKnob Series

OneKnob? One word: easy. That pretty much describes Waves’ new OneKnob Series of native plug-ins. There’s nary a menu page to dig through on these plug-ins. In fact, you wont find much of anything except — you guessed it — one big knob.

The OneKnob Series features seven plugins including Brighter, Driver, Phatter, Filter, Louder, Pressure and Wetter. Each can be opened either in mono or stereo, and the GUI for each includes a unique form of metering that surrounds the knob. As you turn the knob, the slotted meter between each number (1-10) lights up solid. Also, when signal is present, a colored ring around the knob pulses to let you know you’re ready to tweak that one knob.

Brighter adds high/mid-plus treble. Phatter adds a low-shelf bass boost. Pressure — with an extra button for unity or pad — varies between light parallel compression to heavy squash and can get dirty nasty. Louder combines peak limiting and low-level compression with automatic makeup gain and can increase RMS by up to 24 dB. Driver provides from light overdrive to a very cool and edgy distortion. Wetter delivers ambience that ranges from short and bright to longer and darker. And Filter provides a filter sweep and has an extra button for none, extreme and moderate-style filtering.

Note that these are intended to be applied directly on your track inserts, not on an aux send/return. They all default to 0 where there is “neutral sound,” except for Filter where 10 is neutral.

Do they work? They sure do. I admit that I like to tweak my plug-ins, but sometimes you just want to turn a knob and quickly get the job done. These do just that quite effectively; of course, you can get more specific results by using other “deeper” plug-ins. These keep it simple.

As an example, I mixed a TV cue with no plug-ins except for reverb [hear it via audio webclip #1 — Ed.]. Then I used only OneKnob plug-ins on the same cue: with Brighter and Pressure on the drum loop, Filter and Phatter on the bass, Drive on both left and right guitars, Pressure and Wetter on the solo, and Louder stereo on the Master fader . The audio results speak for themselves. Like I said: easy!

Price: $400 list (7 plug-ins)
Contact: Waves |

Rich Tozzoli is a composer, engineer/mixer and the software editor for PAR.