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Wholegrain Digital Systems DynPEQ Plug-ins

Version 1.3 of Wholegrain Digital Systems’ DynPEQ dynamic parametric equalizer plug-ins will run on Pro Tools

Version 1.3 of Wholegrain Digital Systems’ DynPEQ dynamic parametric equalizer plug-ins will run on Pro Tools, comfirms the company, and is now for sale on the Avid Marketplace website. DynPEQ plug-ins are compatible with AAX workstations and HDX hardware platforms, both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. DynPEQ version 1.3 has also added compatibility with 64-bit Audio Unit workstations with support for sandboxing and the Mac OS gatekeeper.

Trio DynPEQ is a three-band dynamic parametric equalizer configured as a single-channel insert for input processing. Quartet DynPEQ is a four-band dynamic parametric equalizer with support for multi-channel stems and an interpolating peak limiter for mastering applications.

A DynPEQ band takes the traditional design of a dynamics processor and applies its gain control to additional boost/cut of a digital parametric filter. It can operate as either a standalone parametric filter or a standalone dynamics processor, feeding the dynamics control to the boost/cut.

Trio DynPEQ and Quartet DynPEQ include administrative and audition tools with multiple switches for excluding and isolating individual bands plus multiple switches for bypassing all bands and other configuration comparisons. These plug-ins also offer an expandable library of DynPEQ settings for either individual bands or all bands together; called the band toolchest, the library provides starting points for finer tuning and common applications of a dynamic equalizer.

The DynPEQ plugins are fully compatible with Pro Tools AAX/HDX from version 10 forwards on Mac OS X version 10.6 forwards. The plugins are also compatible with Audio Unit workstations on Mac OS X version 10.7 forwards.Trio DynPEQ and Quartet DynPEQ will also be available for purchase or rental from other outlets “to be announced in the future,” confirms Wholegrain Digital, based in Boulder, CO.

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