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Wireless Microphones

Buyer’s Guide

LECTROSONICS Venue Receiver System

FEATURES: Dock for up to six UHF receiver modules; 258 UHF frequencies; antenna multicoupler; reception compatibility modes; Digital Hybrid Wireless technology; compander-free audio with 400 Series transmitters, compatibility modes for older analog; LecNet2 PC interface.

PRICE: starts at $1,850.

CONTACT: Lectrosonics at 800-821-1121,

PEAVEY Pro Comm PCX U-1002

FEATURES: 100-channel; true diversity; AutoScan technology resolving abrupt frequency changes; Channel Control System; LCD display; lightweight belt-pack transmitter; handheld, lavalier and headset configurations.

PRICE: $799.99 – $899.99.

CONTACT: Peavey Electronics at 866-443-2333,

REVOLABS Solo Wireless Microphone Systems

FEATURES: UHF system; 1.9 GHz; 128-bit encryption; wideband audio frequency response; MaxFlex technology allows wearable, tabletop or XLR handheld adaptor-type Solo Microphones; up to 16 simultaneous microphones; single-, four-or eight-channel versions.

PRICE: Starts at $249 per channel.

CONTACT: Revolabs at 978-897-5655 ext. 111,

SABINE SWM7000 Series 2.4 GHz Wireless Microphone System

FEATURES: UHF system; True Diversity 2.4 GHz Smart Spectrum technology; 70 channels; FBX Feedback Exterminator; parametric EQ; compressor/limiter; de-esser; Mic SuperModeling; ships with Audix OM3 capsule; handheld or lavalier/headset bodypack transmitters; rechargeable batteries; digital audio output.

PRICE: starts at $1,259.99.

CONTACT: Sabine at 386-418-2000,

ZAXCOM TRX900 Series

FEATURES: Digital Wireless system; time code stamped internal recording for back-up of transmitted audio; optional internal IFB receiver; graphic LCD display; stereo wireless transmission available.

PRICE: $3,800 per channel.

CONTACT: Zaxcom at 973-835-5000,

AKG WMS 400 Pro Wireless Microphone System

FEATURES: Available in two 30-Mhz bands with 1,200 frequencies each; up to 12 simultaneous systems in each band; Integrated frequency management system with automatic scanning; infrared link for frequency/setup data uploads.

PRICE: Starts at $479.

CONTACT: AKG Acoustics at 818-920-3212,

SENNHEISER SKM 5200 Wireless Transmitter

FEATURES: For use with six Sennheiser and two Neumann interchangeable microphone heads; two channel banks, one fixed one variable; 20 pre-set frequencies and 20 programmable UHF frequencies in 5 kHz steps; sensitivity switchable in 1 dB steps; HiDyn plus noise reduction; backlit LC display for settings; automatic lock mode.

PRICE: $2,115.

CONTACT: Sennheiser at 860-434-9190,

SONY DWT-B01 Digital Wireless Transmitter

FEATURES: Compact bodypack transmitter accepts mic or line input (attenuator level: 0 dB to 48 dB in 3-dB steps: Selectable output power for stable and longdistance transmission (1/10/50mW); Up to 12-channel operation (at 6-MHz bandwidth); and Easy-toread, full dot-matrix organic EL display.

PRICE: $2500.

CONTACT: Sony Pro Audio 1-800-686-SONY or visit

SONY DWR-S01D Digital Wireless Receiver

FEATURES: World’s first twochannel slot-in receiver: Mounts directly into PDW-700 HD 422 two-channel digital slot; Rearmountable to HDCAM/XDCAM/Digital Betacam/MPEG IMX camcorders with DWA-01D adaptor; Supports analog or AES3 digital audio output; Rugged, lightweight compact design; and Easy-to-read, organic full dot-matrix EL display.

PRICE: $3,150.

CONTACT: Sony Pro Audio 1-800-686-SONY or visit

SHURE KSM9 Vocal Microphone

FEATURES: Dual gold-layered. lowmass Mylar diaphragm; switchable supercardiod/cardiod patterns; premium electronics; gold-plated connectors; champagne or charcoal grey; 50 Hz – 2- kHz response.

PRICE: $850.

CONTACT: Shure Inc. at 847-866-2200,

AUDIO-TECHNICA Artist Elite 5000 Wireless Microphone System

FEATURES: UHF system; up to 200 channels; True Diversity reception; dual compander; Tone Lock squelch; Intelliscan; handheld, bodypack transmitter packages; dynamic and condenser handheld transmitters.

PRICE: Starts at $3,119.

CONTACT: Audio-Technica at 330-686-2600,


FEATURES: 960 userselectable channels with diversity UHF receivers; four assignable groups; Diversity PLL Synthesized technology; two antennas; handheld microphone; low-battery indicator; mic on/off status indicator.

PRICE: $429.95.

CONTACT: Carvin at 858-487-1600,