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XTA, MC2 To Debut 120 Amps at NAMM

XTA and MC2 will debut their 120 Amps at this year’s NAMM Show.

Anaheim, CA (January 22, 2018)—XTA and MC will debut their 120 Amps at this year’s NAMM Show. Intended to be among the most powerful network audio, two-channel amplifiers available, the amplifiers are designed to drive more than just subwoofer arrays.

Available as the Delta 120 and DNA120 models from MC and XTA, respectively, they have 96 kHz Dante inputs as an option. Both will deliver over 7,000 watts per channel into two ohms and 5,000 watts per channel into four ohms.

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The Dante input option is switchable back to regular two/four-channel analog if needed. A single network cable can then be used to connect the processed audio from an XTA DPA amplifier to any number of DNA amplifiers to achieve the power levels required.

In addition to the new 120 Amps, NAMM 2018 will be the first North American showing of XTA’s DPA and DNA amplifier ranges. Accepting analog, AES3 digital and optional Dante networked audio, the DPA Series can connect to any source and make it available over the network, as well as processing four additional channels with local analog outputs to connect to DNA Series or traditional amplifiers. Additionally, the auxiliary output channels are fed back onto the Dante network.

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All input processing channels feature a suite of XTA EQ and dynamic EQ, and all eight output processing channels can include FIR filter data, and will accept industry standard presets created for XTA’s other processors.


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