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Yamaha Adds Lake Processing with Card

At the InterBee Show, Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems announced the upcoming MY8-Lake processing card for its digital products.

New York (November 14, 2011)—At the InterBee Show, Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems announced the upcoming MY8-Lake processing card for its digital products.

The new card, to be distributed worldwide by Yamaha, will add Lake Technology to PM5D, PM5D-RH, M7CL, LS9, DM2000, DM1000, 02R96, and 01V96 digital consoles, as well as DSP5D Expander, DME24N/64N processors, and TXn power amplifiers.

The new MY8-LAKE will include Lake Processing features such as Mesa EQ, Ideal Graphic EQ, Linear-Phase Crossover and other sonic tuning elements found in the DSP expansion card. The processing power of the compact card will offer up to 8 inputs/8 outputs in Mesa mode (system EQ), 4 inputs/12 outputs in Contour mode (crossover), or combinations of the above to suit the application. Flexible I/O configuration via the console’s insert points and the card’s AES/EBU connectors, along with the ability to run at 96, 88.2, 48, or 44.1 kHz, will help users integrate Lake Processing into their live sound systems. Multiple cards will be able to be utilized in Yamaha products that support multiple card slots.

“The addition of the MY8-LAKE processing card adds unprecedented sonic potential and versatility to Yamaha digital products,” states Marc Lopez, marketing manager, Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems, Inc. “The new card’s leading-edge Lake Processing technology will further expand upon our direction to offer complete systems solutions to our customers.”

Lake Controller software installed on a compatible Windows PC will provide control of the MY8-LAKE as well as other Lake devices in the system, while compatibility with Smaart sound system measurement software will contribute to speaker system tuning. Over 1,000 speaker presets will be accessible.

“We are delighted to be able to provide Lake Processing as an integrated part of Yamaha digital product performance, and excited by the potential of this partnership with Yamaha to deliver the unique benefits of Lake processing technology to a wider customer base,” states Jon Alkhagen, Managing Director of Lab.gruppen and Lake. “The development of the MY8-LAKE further reinforces our credentials as a leader in digital audio processing and provides significant flexibility and benefits to both our existing users and those looking to integrate Lake into their systems.”

The MY8-LAKE will be available Spring 2012 with a target MSRP of $3,200.

Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems, Inc.