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Yamaha Bows YAI-1 Wireless Microphone Conference Ensemble

Yamaha takes aim at UC applications for large conference rooms

Sudbury, MA (December 05, 2018)—Yamaha Unified Communications has released the Yamaha YAI-1 Wireless Microphone Conference Ensemble, a preconfigured USB audio system intended for boardrooms and large conference rooms utilizing UC applications.

With the utilization of UC applications no longer confined to personal offices, huddle spaces and mobile environments, more and more organizations are turning to UC platforms in larger conferencing spaces and boardrooms—a change that led Yamaha to creating the solution.

Mohegan Sun Sets Upon Yamaha

Designed to be ready-to-install, the system comprises an eight-channel Executive Elite wireless microphone package, two VXL1-16P Power over Ethernet (PoE), Dante-enabled speaker arrays with wall volume controller, a preconfigured digital signal processor, a five-port PoE switch, Dante AVIO USB adapter and cabling.

Once set up, the Yamaha YAI-1 Conference Ensemble connects to an organization’s chosen UC platform through a USB cable. The system features acoustic echo cancellation algorithms and dynamic microphone mixing technology, a pair of 16-element PoE powered line array speakers deliver audio and a wireless microphone system tackles audio capture.

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The system is available in two microphone options: an eight-gooseneck microphone package for boardrooms, or seven tabletop microphones and one wearable microphone for presentation flexibility in conference rooms.

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