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Yamaha Debuts Stagepas 400BT / 600BT Portable PA Systems

Yamaha’s Stagepas system has been updated with new features, including Bluetooth.

New York, NY (February 21, 2018)—Intended for singer-songwriters, small bands, and public speakers, Yamaha’s new STAGEPAS 400BT and 600BT portable integrated PA systems add Bluetooth wireless audio connectivity.

The systems feature two lightweight speakers and a detachable powered mixer, a pair of speaker cables and a power cord; the mixer can also fit into one of the speaker enclosures to aid transportation.

The systems offer onboard feedback suppression and a one-knob Yamaha Master EQ. Channels 1 through 4 feature independent sends for four high-resolution reverb types (Hall, Plate, Room, and Echo) derived from Yamaha SPX series.

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The STAGEPAS 400BT delivers 400 watts of power and the 600BT has 680 watts; the former includes a 2-band EQ on each channel, while the latter adds a midrange band intended to aid guitar and vocals.

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Both systems feature four mic/line inputs with XLR jacks with phantom power on channels 1-2 and XLR-1/4” combo inputs on channels 3-4, along with channel 4 switchable to Hi-Z impedance for passive-pickup instruments.

The STAGEPAS 400BT offers two stereo line input channels that are switchable for mono operation; the STAGEPAS 600BT offers three stereo inputs. Both models support RCA inputs, and have a 1/8” stereo mini jack.

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