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Yamaha Ships Enterprise Sound Bar

The Enterprise Sound Bar and Collaboration Kit bundle includes an AI camera.

Sudbury, MA (July 23, 2019)—Yamaha has shipped its new ESB-1080 Enterprise Sound Bar and Collaboration Kit.

Available in North America, the Yamaha Collaboration Kit bundles an AI wide-angle USB camera from Huddly with the ESB-1080 Enterprise Sound Bar.

60 Seconds: Glenn Booth, Yamaha

The ESB-1080 Enterprise Sound Bar provides output for conference rooms via two built-in subwoofers, a bass-reflex port, two dome tweeters, and two woofers. Its conference mode preset is specialized for installation in conference room spaces with various functions tailored for administration.

The Yamaha ESB-1080 is intended as a sound solution for any enterprise room to provide or expand speaker output, or as part of the bundled solution with the Huddly IQ AI-powered conference camera.

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The Yamaha Collaboration Kit’s Huddly camera provides 150-degree wide-angle 1080p video, an embedded mic array, automated AI features, and the Huddly InSights analytics API. With the Genius Framing feature, the camera can automatically detect and frame participants in its field of view, eliminating the need to manually control the camera.

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